Words, words, words

I needed a list of adverbs/adjectives that start with "do." First I tried Wolfram|Alpha but that couldn't filter the list to adjectives and there's no way to build a query pipeline (at least with a free account). I ended up using the wordnet package in R:

require(magrittr) # install.packages('magrittr')
require(wordnet) # install.packages('wordnet')
getTermFilter('StartsWithFilter','do',TRUE) %>%
    getIndexTerms('ADVERB',1e4,.) %>% sapply(getLemma) %>%
        paste(collapse=', ')

Output: doctrinally, doggedly, doggo, dogmatically, dolce, dolefully, doltishly, domestically, domineeringly, dorsally, dorsoventrally, dottily, double, double quick, double time, doubly, doubtfully, doubtless, doubtlessly, dourly, dowdily, down, down the stairs, downfield, downhill, downright, downriver, downstage, downstairs, downstream, downtown, downward, downwardly, downwards, downwind

P.S. If you're on OS X, you can use MacPorts to install WordNet with: sudo port install wordnet

Then select the port-installed dictionary in R with: setDict('/opt/local/share/WordNet-3.0/dict')