2015 archive

Dear friends and family,

In 2013 we raised over $500 for Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. That was awesome and I’m so proud to know such caring, generous people. It was also a lot of fun to have some of my friends join me on Skype in One Life for Extra Life. So I decided to do that again! This time for Children’s Hospital of Orange County! And we raised over $500 again! Thank you so much everyone who donated and supported me as a guest on the stream – archived below:

2013 archive

Huge thank you everyone who donated money; we raised $490 for Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC! That’s incredible! And huge thank you to the many kind and lovely guests who joined me throughout the stream to chat and keep me sane: (mostly in order of appearance) Adam Condra, Jeremy Meyer, Kyle Minton, Dayonte (Day) Campbell, Christopher (Chris) Whitman, Nick Kummert, Joel Szerlip, Ethan Simonoff, Aithi Hong, Bryan Schwartz, Monica Dimson, Kris Wild, Nattily Barton, Brian Tyler, Doug Comstock, Allen Kesinger, Ryan Schaefer, and Crystal Rodriguez. I couldn’t have possibly made it through without their support.

Here’s the 24 Hour Playlist of Parts 1 through 16:

Part 1

I begin the stream with XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Classic Ironman) and the dulcet tones of Adam Condra, your number of source of Magic School Bus references.

Part 2

Fellow DarkStation staff member and Extra Life streamer Jeremy Meyer joins Adam and me as my game of XCOM: Enemy Unknown gets progressively worse. At some pooint Adam has to bounce and is replaced by the beautiful Kyle Minton. Eventually the crew is joined by the insightful Day Campbell.

Part 3

With my XCOM: Enemy Unknown game in shambles, I begin Sir, You Are Being Hunted. Jeremy and Kyle at some point have to leave because Chris Whitman joins my chat with Day as we talk about game design and law school. After dying an embarrasing death in Sir, You Are Being Hunted, I proceed to the hilarious roguelike Dungeons of Dredmore.

Part 4

Day and Chris continue to keep me company as I move on to Don’t Starve and track down the legendary Koalafant. We talk about Kafka at some point.

Part 5

Nick Kummert and Joel Szerlip join me and Chris as I completely oversell my Spelunky skills, play Dark Souls for like five minutes, and then introduce my guests to Real Lives 2010. Ethan Simonoff joins us during the first third of Adung’s life in Thailand.

Part 6

Nick, Ethan, Joel, and I continue playing Real Lives 2010. In this second installment, we get Adung pregnant at 46 and get her to set up her own bakery in Hong Kong. When Nick and Joel go, Bryan Schwartz and Aithi Hong join Ethan and watch me play Jamestown. Ethan and I attempt our best to convey the entirety of Adung’s hard life. Then Monica Dimson joins them and I play FTL Faster Than Light. I attempt playing Cart Life and Far Cry 2 but both games bug out on me so I move on to ANOTHER life in Real Lives 2010.

Part 7

Monica, Aithi, Bryan, Ethan, and I play Real Lives 2010.

Part 8

Ethan and Kris Wild keep me company in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat, Eldritch, and Mark of the Ninja.

Part 9

Ethan, Kris, and I play Organ Trail: Director’s Cut and are eventually joined by Brian Tyler. WE EAT APPLES. How do you like them apples? BECAUSE WE LIKE THEM VERY MUCH.

Part 10

Nattily Barton, Brian, Ethan, and I play yet another life in Real Lives 2010. After our person dies, Nattily and Brian leave. Doug joins Kris, Ethan, and me as I begin a hardcore monk in Diablo 3. Doug and Ethan have a fascinating discussion/debate about music privacy, music streaming services, and physical media.

Part 11

Doug and Ethan are joined by Kyle Minton (back again), Allen Kesinger, and Ryan Schaefer and talk about Dark Souls at length while I continue to play Diablo 3.

Part 12

Doug, Allen, Kyle, Ryan, Ethan, and I play quite possibly the most successful life in Real Lives 2010. Jonathan Miley joins us in the middle of Miguel’s life and is completely confused by what’s going on. Then Ryan reveals Mikhail’s Magical Masquerade, a game about me and Extra Life. You can download the game for free for PC and Mac here.

Part 13

Jonathan, Ryan, Kyle + Doug (Dyle), and Ethan enter a dimly lit dungeon in Legend of Grimrock.

Part 14

With everyone gone and sleeping, I have no other choice but to start listening to DarkCast Episode 107 and continuing my hardcore monk in Diablo 3. Fortunately, Crystal and I decide to cross our Extra Life streams to support each other’s struggle against sleep and time. I guess I try playing Delver at some point?

Part 15

Crystal and I continue our cross-stream extravaganza as I create a really gross Adam Condra in *The Sims 3. Unable to think straight, I switch to Skyrim, and then switch to Left 4 Dead 2.

Part 16

Crystal and I talk about Valve’s Steam Controller, Oculus Rift, and castAR while I complete my Left 4 Dead 2 campaign. Doug joins us in the morning just in time for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and a discussion about therapy.